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 Show Calendar

Due to lack of time and interest the monthly shows are canceled :-(

EAMA helds monthly shows for members only. You need to register your horse(s) first, than you can enter the shows.

You`ll get the username and password for our free online photo show account. There you can upload your pics. Be sure to load them into the right devision (of - cm - ar) and in the correct classes.

We offer Breed Classes, Color Classes, Performance Classes  and Fun Classes.

1 picture per horse per class. Not larger than 450 plx.

Please put the following discription at each photo: Horses name, EAMA Reg. # , color, gender, your initials.

                      For example: PS Shahin Al Nabih, #SE001s, black stallion, KH

In the Offspring Classes (#72-77) you can picture parent & offspring togheter in one photo OR you can upload a picture of the parent and another picture of the offspring, in case, you don`t own one of them. Make sure, that you are allowed to use a parent/ offspring photo, if it is not your one picture! Please also put the matching information about parent(s) and offspring in the discription.

                    For example (if you have 2 pics):

                         1.PS Najib Ihab, #SE001c, dapple grey colt, by PS Hilal Al Shaqab, KH

                         2. PS Hilal Al Shaqab, #SE002s, white grey stallion, sire of PS Naijb Ihab, KH.

Point System:

Classes: Every horse placed in the Top Ten of each class, will get points as follows

1st = 10 Points                           6th = 5 Points                          Class Champion: 25 Points

2nd = 9 Points                            7th = 4 Points                          Class Champion Reserve: 20 Points

3rd = 8 Points                             8th = 3 Points                         

4th = 7 Points                              9th = 2 Points                        

5th = 6 Points                             10th = 1 Point                        

Breeding Points: Every horse with a foal (Classes #76 - #81): 5 Points per foal.

                        Champion Sire/ Broodmare: 15 Points      Reserve Champion Sire/ Broodmare: 10 Points

Devision Points: From all (of - cm - ar) Class Champions and Class Reserve Champions will be one Devision Campion and one Devision Reserve Champion judged. These 2 will get points as follows

Devision Champion: 35 Points                           Devision Reserve Champion: 30 Points

Overall Grand Champion of the Show: 50 Points

Overall Reserve Grand Champion of the Show: 40 Points


We will send certificates for the Year End Show via email, so that every member can print them out at her/ his home. This is the cheapest way to create prizes.

I`m planning to ask for Year End donations, but this is not sure right now. In chase we will get donations, the winners have to pay for shipping them to their home.


It`s free at the moment.

IF we should run fine and grow bigger, we can discuss over a yearly fee and better prizes for the show winners. I`ll open a poll in the forum for that.

Class List

 EAMA Monthly Online Photoshow Series


A. Halter Classes  http://s217.photobucket.com/albums/cc237/EAMA_Halter/


1. OF Arabian Colts

2. CM Arabian Colts

3. AR Arabian Colts


Champion Arabian Colt:

Reserve Champion Arabian Colt:


4. OF Arabian Fillies

5. CM Arabian Fillies

6. AR Arabian Fillies


Champion Arabian Filly:

Reserve Champion Arabian Filly:


7. OF Arabian Mares

8. CM Arabian Mares

9. AR Arabian Mares


Champion Arabian Mare:

Reserve Champion Arabian Mare:


10. OF Arabian Geldings

11. CM Arabian Geldings

12. AR Arabian Geldings


Champion Arabian Gelding:

Reserve Champion Arabian Gelding:


13. OF Arabian Stallions

14. CM Arabian Stallions

15. AR Arabian Stallions


Champion Arabian Stallion:

Reserve Champion Arabian Stallion:


16. OF Shagya Arabians

17. CM Shagya Arabians

18. AR Shagya Arabians


Champion Shagya Arabian:

Reserve Champion Shagya Arabian:


19. OF Anglo Arabians

20. CM Anglo-Arabians

21. AR Anglo Arabians


Champion Anglo Arabian:

Reserve Champion Anglo Arabian:


22. Open National Showhorse

23. Open Stockhorse Cross (Quarab, Araloosa, Morab, ect.)

24. Open Pinto Arabian Cross

25. Open Arabian x Other Breed Cross (Pony, Iberian/ Spanish, …)


Champion Open Arabian Partbred:

Reserve Champion Open Arabian Partbred:


B: Color Classes http://s228.photobucket.com/albums/ee106/EAMA_Color/


26. OF White Grey / Fleabit Grey:

27. CM White Grey / Fleabit Grey:


28. OF Medium Dapple Grey:

29. CM Medium Dapple Grey:


30. OF Dark Grey:

31. CM Dark Grey:


Champion Grey:

Reserve Champion Grey:


32. OF Bay/ Brown

33. CM Bay/ Brown


Champion Bay/ Brown:

Reserve Champion Bay/ Brown:


34. OF Black

35. CM Black


Champion Black:

Reserve Champion Black:


36. OF Chestnut/ Sorrel

37. CM Chestnut/ Sorrel


38. OF Sabino/ Rabicano

39. CM Sabino/ Rabicano


Champion Chestnut/ Sorrel:

Reserve Champion Chestnut/ Sorrel:


40. OF Other Solid Colors (Palomino, Silver, …)

41. CM Other Solid Colors (Palomino, Silver, …)


Champion Other Solid Color:

Reserve Champion Other Solid Color:


42. OF Other Patterns (Pinto, Appaloosa, Roan, …)

43. CM Other Patterns (Pinto, Appaloosa, Roan, …)


Champion Other Pattern:

Reserve Champion Other Pattern:


Champion Color:

Reserve Champion Color:


C: Performance Classes http://s226.photobucket.com/albums/dd31/EAMA_Performance/


44. OF Showmanship

45. CM Showmanship

46. AR Showmanship


47. OF Liberty

48. CM Liberty

49. AR Liberty


50. OF Most Classic Arabian

51. CM Most Classic Arabian

52. AR Most Classic Arabian


53. OF Most Classic Head Male

54. CM Most Classic Head Male

55. AR Most Classic Head Male


56. OF Most Classic Head Female

57. CM Most Classic Head Female

58. AR Most Classic Head Female


59. English Dressage

60. Show Jumping

61. Other English Performance

62. Park/ Saddleseat Pleasure


63. Western Pleasure

64. Western Trail

65. Working Western

66. Other Western Performance


67. Parade/ Other Performance

68. Gymkhana

69. Harness

70. Racing


71. Hollywood Costume

72. Native Costume

73. Dancing Horse Costume

74. Bedouine Halter

75. Desert Scene


Champion Performance:

Reserve Champion Performance:


D: Offspring Classes http://s241.photobucket.com/albums/ff270/EAMA_Offspring/


76. OF Sire & Get

77. CM Sire & Get

78. AR Sire & Get


Champion Sire:

Reserve Champion Sire:


79. OF Mare & Foal

80. CM Mare & Foal

81. AR Mare & Foal


Champion Broodmare:

Reserve Champion Broodmare:



Grand Champion of the Show:

Reserve Grand Champion of the Show: