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Please read the following information thoroughly and to the bottom of the page. If you have any questions after that, you`re welcome to email them or discuss them on our forum.

Email Address and Example for a filled out registration sheed is on bottom of this page!

You can join the EAMA by registrating your arabian modelhorses. Only registred horses can take part in our monthly photoshows. Every horse can only once register. So please read the following information thoroughly to make sure, your horse will register in the correct section (1-13).

Horses of the age from new born till 3 year old are Fillies (if they are female) or Colts (if they are male). Horses older than 3 are Mares (if they are female) or Stallions (if they are male).

 How can I register?

You have to fill out a information sheed for your horse(s), which can be copied here:

Owner`s name:

Owner`s website (optional):






Horse`s name:

Year foaled/age:





Make & Mold:



            Haired only:


            Rep / Hair:

            Rep/ Remake:


            OF Resin:

            CM Resin:

Sire (optional):

Dam (optional):

Available for breeding (optional):

Breeding are open for the following years/ for the following ages:




Example for a filled out registration is on bottom of this page.

Registration Rules

You can register horses of the following bloodlines:

01. Arabian Modelhorses without pedigree/ background. Put your horse in this section, if you don`t have a pedigree for your horse. In this case you have to give information about the breed (Straight Egyptian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Crabbet, Weil-Marbach, Old German, US Bloodlines, Related Bloodlines, Shagya Arabian, Anglo - Arabian, Partbred Arabian). You`ll find information of the breeds on the top of each site on this homepage.

02. Arabian Modelhorses of Straight Egyptian/ asil Bloodlines. Look for definitionon the Straight Egyptian site on this homepage.

                 Useful information (breed standards, real straight egyptian arabians/ farms) can be found here: 

  http://www.pyramidsociety.org/     http://www.straightegyptians.com/    http://www.asilclub.org/ 

03. Arabian Modelhorses of Russian Bloodlines. These are horses, which go back to ancesters from the Russian State Stud, Tersk.

                 Useful information can be found here:



04. Arabian Modelhorses of Polish Bloodlines. Horses go back to the Polish State Studs Janow Podlaski  

http://www.janow.arabians.pl/en/   and Michalow   http://www.michalow.arabians.pl/en/

05. Arabian Modelhorses of Spanish Bloodlines. Horses go back to the Spanish State Studs or to Private Studfarms.

Useful information can be found here:  http://www.sahbi.de/    http://spanisharab.com/   

 http://www.spanisharabian.com/    http://www.spanisharabianhorsesociety.org/   

06. Arabian Modelhorses of Crabbet Bloodlines.

              Useful information can be found here:



07. Arabian Modelhorses of Old German Bloodlines: Weil - Marbach Bloodlines.

http://www.landwirtschaft-mlr.baden-wuerttemberg.de/servlet/PB//menu/1196171_l1/index1154079742120.html  Marbach State Stud

08. Arabian Modelhorses of Old German Bloodlines: Achental and Luetetsburg. Horses go back to ancestors of the Old German Studs Achental & Luetetsburg.

09. Arabian Modelhorses of US Bloodlines. Horses have the melting pot/ mixed bloodlines. Famous stallions are: Fadjur, Khemosabi, Bey Shah, Padrons Psyche, JK Amadeus (Bey Shah x Katahza), Huckleberry Bey V, Hucklebey Berry, NV Beau Bey, Desperado V, Midnight Cowboy, Shah Ey Bey, ...

Also Babson and Kellogg Lines.

10. Arabian Modelhorses of Related Bloodlines. These are arabian horses, which carry 50% or more of the in 02. till 09. described bloodlines with the rest of another bloodlines group. These are NOT Partbred Arabians!

For Example: Hadban (Straight Egyptian sired x Russian - Egyptian breed dam) = Egyptian Related: 75% Egyptian, 25% Russian

                     Nabilah (Polish - Egyptian sired x Spanish - Polish breed dam) = Polish Related: 50% Polish, 25% Egyptian, 25% Spanish

11. Modelhorses of the breed Shagya Arabian.

Useful information can be found here:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shagya_Arabian  


  http://www.shagya.net/   http://www.shagya-arabian-horses-asav.org/  

12. Modelhorses of Anglo - Arabian Bloodlines.

      Useful information can be found here:

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Arabian    http://www.anglo-arabians.com/

13. Modelhorses of Partbred Arabian Bloodlines. Your horse must have at least 50% Arabian blood. This section includes Quarabs, Araloosas, NSH, Arab - Barbes, ect. Your horse can be crossbreed or mixed breed with a non-arabian horserace, as long as it carries a high arabian blood percentage. Please keep in mind, that your horse must have at least a bit arabian look.

Useful information can be found here:

http://www.quarabs.com/    http://www.quarab-breed.eu/       Quarabs

 http://www.morab.com/    http://www.morabs.ca/    

http://www.morabs.com/   http://www.puremorab.com/   Morabs

http://afcb.9online.fr/home.htm   Barbs & Arab Barbs

http://www.nshregistry.org/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Show_Horse  National Show Horses (NSH)

http://www.hispanoarabeswales.co.uk/index.htm  Hispano Arabian Stud (Arab x Spanish breed)

Please be aware, that you make only correct information about your horse(s). It is up to the owners responsibility, to fill in the correct bloodlines ect. If you`re not sure, which bloodline your horse is, check the information links on the websites here or search the internet. We can`t make up every pedigree for each horse. Thanks for your understanding!

Horses, which shell be available for breeding services, must have an pedigree!

Your horse will get an special register id and will show up on this website. If you have an photo of your horse and will also post it here, you`ll get an free account, where you can upload pics. PLEASE don`t touch other members photos! If you upload a photo to that free account, you agree, that this pic will be shown here on the website with full credit of ownership.

How can I register my horse(s) for breeding services?

You have to fill in the breeding information on the regsitration sheed. You also have to send an photo of the horse in .jpg which will be shown on this website. That means by sending us a photo of your horse, you allow us to show the picture here!

After this, please send your filled out registration to



Example for filled out registration sheed:

Owner`s name: Karin Huber, Phoenixstables, Germany



            OA = Original Arabian: Horse was born in the middle east

            (EAO) = Egyptian Agricultural Organisation: Horse was born at El Zahraa, State Stud of Egypt

            PS = Phoenixstables: Horses with that prefix were cmed after my wishes


 Horse`s name: PS Shahin Al Nabih

Year folaled/age: 8 years old

Gender: stallion

Type(s): Straight Egyptian, asil

Color: homocygotes black, no white

Markings: none

Make & Mold: small traditional ceramic bisque



            Haired only:


            Rep / Hair:

            Rep/ Remake:

            RRH: by Debbie Poole, Dragonstonestudios/ Australia

            OF Resin:

            CM Resin:

Sire (optional): Al Shuhruf (Simeon Sadik x EH Ghasira)

Dam (optional): AR Ninive (Jasir Ibn Jamil x Galila)

Available for breeding: Yes, fresh & frozen semen. SCID clear.

Breeding are open for the following years/ for the following ages: Offspring of the age of new born - 5 years old.




Thanks for joining! Have fun!