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Russian Arabians

„Russian“ horses have always been a mixed-up bunch, because since World War I, the breeding program at the Russian State Stud Tersk has concentrated on the best horses it could find, regardless of origin. For example, they got horses from Janow Podlaski/ Poland (Ofir, Arax, Mammona, Taktika, Tarascza) and Germany (Lagodna) and also some Straight Egyptian Arabians (Aswan) and Crabbet breed horses (Rissalma).


Some Russian breed Arabian stallions are:

Balaton, Kilimandscharo, Narav Ibn Aswan, Muscat, Menes, Kubinec, SC Dagash, Vatican (Kumir x Nevesta), Gips, RD Five Star (Patent x Paluba), Menescen (Menes x Scena, by Moment), Marsianin, Naborr, Salon, Nariadni, Moment.





Sevastopol *1995

(Neon ® x Kupchaya ®)

EAMA # R001g

owned by Nicki Collins, UK